La Latina Tango Marathon took place 3 times in the past in June, in 2012, 2013 and 2014, declared as the Last and the Longest. The marathon was designed to be residential on all editions,  it has been always held in Hotel Selene, in Pomezia, 30 km south of Rome, ITALY. 

In 2016 it was done again but in August, with some pool parties like "Jeux Sans Frontieres".

The dance floor has been growing from 300 sqm of the first edition, in 2012, to 450 sqm in our last edition. The atmosphere has been always very warm and friendly. Italian (roman cousine) food made it juicy. The swimming pool has been used during the day as an aggregation area and have largely contributed to render the event as a short but relaxing holiday.

During the daytime food parties and gym have been also available for the participants The music then created the atmosphere, with music spanning from 20's to 50's, from over 20 DJ's that participated all over the editions. 

La Latina collage small

EditionParticipantsDurationDJ'sOfficial PhotographerMonth
2012 250 3 days, from Friday to Sunday
Gaia Pisauro, Massimo Maugeri, Sandro Puliti, Fausto Carpino, Giuseppe Caputo, Mauro Berardi, Super Sabino
Kinga Lakner September
2013 330 3 days, from Friday to Sunday
Anne Fatout, Chiara Malena, Fausto Carpino, Fiamma Ki, Giuseppe Caputo, Goran Niksic, Jorg Matthews, Lene Ostgard, Mauro Berardi, Rossana "La Ros" Capasso, Sandro Puliti
Kinga Lakner May
2014 400 5 days, from Thursday to Monday
Chiara Malena, Fiamma Ki, Nicoletta Radice, Sergio Piscitello, Hiba Faisal, Giuseppe Caputo, Mauro Berardi, Rossana "La Ros" Capasso, Florin Bilbiie, Massimo Maugeri, Gianluca Zeccardo
Andrea Artegiani June
2016 410 6 days, from Thursday to Tuesday
Chiara Malena, max Plomero Grassi, Sergio Piscitello, Giuseppe Caputo, Mauro Berardi, Rossana "La Ros" Capasso, Florin Bilbiie, Massimo Maugeri, Gianluca Zeccardo, Peppe di Gennaro, Claudio Coppola, Anne Fatout
Kinga Lakner August

In 2014 the marathon received requests to participate to the event from 63 countries all over the world and has been the biggest edition all times.

In 2014 we said that one day or another we should have repeat it.............


Latest News

2016 DJ Set

23 March 2015
2016 DJ Set

The DJ set for the 2016 edition has been today closed. We selected 12 DJs and already booked them. Its the first action for the new edition! The DJ set timeline shall be finalised later on.  The DJ set around dinner is discussed to be cancelled, to allow a break of the...

Web Site Full Redesign

24 March 2015
Web Site Full Redesign

We decided to fully revise the web site of La Latina Tango Marathon. We have seen that other organisers have made large work on their sites and we want to participate to the improvement in this direction also for our event. The new website shall be launched on 2015 August...

La Latina 2016 !

24 March 2015
La Latina 2016 !

Mascalzoni Latini decide to organize a new La Latina Tango Marathon in 2014. The new event shall be in 2016. The location is planned to be again Hotel Selene. Having suspended the marathon for one year, we have lost the dates in June. The possible dates for the event are then...

Tango Young @ La Latina 2016

03 October 2015
Tango Young @ La Latina 2016

For La Latina 2016 we decided to reserve exceptionally a slot of 20 participants to Tango Young network. We want to push young dancers to start to go around, participate to events, share their tango with more experienced dancers, push inside our event their fresh smiles. More details will follow...

Franciacorta tasting

05 August 2016
Franciacorta tasting

We are happy to announce a toast at La Latina 2016 with the famous italian sparkling wine from Brescia wineyards. Check web site : http://www.alrocol.com/eng/index.php  and wikipedia : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franciacorta_DOCG  

Sound & Lights Check Done !

09 October 2017
Sound & Lights Check Done !

Last weekend we performed the sound & lights check for Roma Capoccia. This year Mascalzoni decided to provide directly to the event a complete sound & light system, to minimize risks of their renting close to the new eve, where lots of events are planned in Rome. Sound is just....perfect!...


La Latina & Roma Capoccia Tango Marathons

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